Thursday, July 14, 2011

Twisted Pear Audio - Buffalo II DAC

For about a year now I have used the Buffalo II DAC for my digital music playback and I must say its my best DAC to date.  The initial lead was from the information that big name DAC makers are using the 32 bit ESS9018 chip from Sabre and it sounds good but expensive.  I found that they made 'evaluation kits' and people buy these kits to make DACs of audiophile grade.  Then the DIY Buffalo II (now Buffalo III) from Twisted Pear Audio crops up as the most economical solution to a DAC using ESS9018 chip. The rush and very low volume supply couldn't meet demand for months but I managed to buy one last year and the rest is history.

1 comment:

TubeHead said...

Where did you source the case, and if you were to do it again, would you still use a wood case ? Anything else you would do differently ?

Also, are you switching between various inputs, or just coaxial ?

I have all the components minus the case, and haven't built it yet.