Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sony CDR-W66 and Marantz CDR 630

Then the desire to make digital copies of our vintage vinyl LPs that were not available in cd format.  Got myself not one but 2 cd recorders: Sony CDR-W66 and the Marantz CDR630 below.

 The Sony is equipped with all the inputs and outputs you can think of - analogue and digital (both RCA and XLR).  It even has word clock input and computer keyboard (for typing cd text) input, below.
 The Sony has all the features that I liked and sounded wonderful, making great copies of my LPs on cds.  The built-in ADC is good and the cd text feature an added advantage.  So, I decided to keep it (Sony) and disposed off the Marantz.  Pictured below with the old favourite TEAC VRDS-10 see how small it is.

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