Sunday, March 27, 2011

DIY Paradise Monica 3

After a couple of years, the receiver chip CS8404 of the Promitheus Audio DAC failed, replaced it by desoldering and soldering the new chip but after a few months, the chip burnt again.  I decided not to replace the chip as the pcb tracks was badly damaged and some broken or detached from the board.  So, I scout around for a new DAC and decided on the DIY Paradise (another local Malaysian maker) 's Monica 3.  Due to revision (upgrading), it comes in 2 pcbs (probably in transition phase before the new tool pcb is ready), so I purchased one and start soldering the parts below. 
The populated new version pcb (black) is pluged (4pins) onto the "old" version pcb which has the power supply regulators presoldered on it.  Its another TDA1545A dac which was well reviewed. 
 And the whole DAC board (Monica 3) goes into the original wooden box of the Promitheus Audio DAC, using its original power supply transformers.  The output transformers (on the right) are however not used.  This DAC has capacitor coupling at the the outputs.  This is another NOS dac and sounds as good as the reveiws say - no complaints so far, only the bass output is a shade below what I was used to.

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