Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Phono cartridges

Now I have 4 cartridges:
1) Rega Bias MM cartridge
2) Benz Micro MC20E2L MC cartridge
3) Denon DL103R MC cartridge
4) Lyra Dorian MC cartridge
Three of them shown below:
Comparing the cantilever, the Benz Micro (red body) is no different from the Rega (green) which is an MM cartridge. The Lyra's solid boron cantilever is only about half the diameter.

With only one tonearm in use and the difficulty to rotate them, not to mention the risks involved in switching cartridges often, I decide to sell the first two. Since I have a Linn Itok LVII lying around, I will mount the Denon on it and add this second tonearm to my AS turntable. Suitable components are ordered or in the process of fabrication.

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