Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marantz CD7300 cd player (SOLD)

Marantz CD7300 cdp made in JAPAN, not china. Good review and excellent sounding with HDAM outputs. CD Text display, plays MP3 as well as CDR. It was sold to the guy who purchased my Musical Fidelity integrated amp. I sold it with the intention to upgrade to a new Marantz SA15 cdp but it didn't materialise after auditioning.

In its place I very much later bought a used TEAC VRDS-10 and used as a cd transport. And got a Promitheus Audio DAC, together costing less than the new Marantz SA15. But then it doesn't play SACDs - about the only disadvantage, sonically I think it betters the Marantz.

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